In Home/Office -------------------------------$80/hour

In Home/Office (Emergency*) ----------- $110/hour

Remote Services --------------------------- $70/hour

Remote Services (Emergency*) -------- $100/hour

A one-hour minimum charge applies to all in home/office calls. A two-hour minimum applies to locations more than 30 minutes drive from Palm City.  Additional time beyond the minimum is rounded to the nearest half-hour.

*Emergency: any situation in which you need assistance outside of TCTN normal work hours or if TCTN has to ask another client if they can reschedule to accommodate the emergency. In those instances, only, TCTN emergency rate (time and a half) will apply. Please be aware, that TCTN will never cancel any appointment without client consent, except for a genuine personal emergency (such as a family crisis, major car trouble, or a serious illness).

Cancellations:  At least 24-hour cancellation notice is preferred and appreciated. Cancellations within that 24 hour window are subject to a one-hour minimum charge, except for actual emergencies. This includes same-day cancellations.


Cash, business or personal checks (NSF fee $35), and Cash App ($TCTechNav)

POLICIES - Work Done by Others

We have no expectation that you will deal only with us for your technology support needs. However, other technicians (or friends/family members) do sometimes remove our security or remote access software. Any time we need to spend reinstalling those programs, or reversing changes made by someone else, will always be billable. We strongly recommend contacting us to ask what is safe to remove, before allowing anyone else to make changes to your computer.